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Dallas-based Cariloop announced today that it has successfully launched an upgraded version of its web platform to help consumers navigate the very complex healthcare system for their older loved ones. This software upgrade introduces several new features and services that will add value to the user experience to save time and reduce stress.

 One new feature is a “Get Help!” button that allows users to schedule video chats with healthcare professionals, such as a nurse or social worker, who can answer questions and help create a custom care plan.  This service is being offered initially for $300, which provides access to the healthcare professional for up to five hours of time.

Additionally, Cariloop expanded its web platform to allow family member collaboration, secure file sharing and storage, as well as advanced filtering of long-term care providers right in your local neighborhood.

As many as 4 out of 10 adults are caring for a sick or elderly loved one, with nearly one-third of them spending more than 30 hours per week on caregiving duties, according to Genworth Financial.  These figures are expected to continue rising as our nation’s baby boomers retire.  Cariloop is positioning itself to play a pivotal role in reducing the time and cost necessary for family caregivers to navigate the medical, financial, legal, and emotional challenges that come with this process.

 Caring for an older loved one is affecting about 11 million employees’ work performance each year, according to a MetLife estimate, and costing employers upwards of $34 billion in lost productivity as well as increased absenteeism and health costs.  Cariloop’s services provide a solution to mitigate the negative effects that employees’ caregiving responsibilities for an older loved one have in the workplace.

 “You can’t possibly imagine how stressful and difficult this issue is for your employees unless you have been through this personally. Having Cariloop’s concierge service available to employees will help limit absenteeism and keep the employee better focused on work during the day.”


Cariloop’s revolutionary service platform helps families plan for and manage an older loved one’s journey through the healthcare system. By utilizing our digital case management tools and accessing our concierge coaches via video chat, people can more efficiently and effectively navigate this stressful process and focus on what’s most important – the health and well-being of themselves and their loved ones.

First time users can go to and enter the coupon code Carilooptx15 for a 10% discount off coaching services.

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April 16, 2015 (Dallas, Texas) – Cariloop announced today its strategic partnership with InterActive Legal, the premier Knowledge Company for lawyers specializing in Elder Law, Estate, and Special Needs Planning. 

This partnership enables Cariloop to seamlessly provide its case management tools and concierge coaching services to the thousands of specialist lawyers already relying upon InterActive Legal as they guide clients and families through the maze of elder care, one of the most intricate parts of the elder planning process.

“Care for one’s parents, or one’s spouse, involves almost every challenge –medical, financial, legal, and emotional.  One of our goals at InterActive Legal is to provide the very best resources to the thousands of lawyers who rely upon us to help them satisfy their clients’ needs,” stated Michael Graham, CEO of InterActive Legal.  “The Cariloop partnership enables us to do just that.  Cariloop’s unique tools and services, including particularly the on demand concierge service, is of great value in helping clients plan for and manage care during difficult life transitions.”

“As a nation, we place some of the most complex requirements upon those least likely to understand.  More than half of those living long enough to need care also need support through programs like Medicaid.  Lack of understanding, and failure to consult experts in advance, often means that more of the family funds are spent than needed to be.  These are the areas where the attorney experts usually save the family far, far more than they cost.  We educate, provide the document drafting tools, and the community that such lawyers need,” Graham, continued.  “Families need an integrated approach.”

As elder care considerations become more and more common amongst our baby boomer population, Elder Law and Estate Planning Attorneys are playing a bigger role in how families plan for the future. Cariloop’s new portal, scheduled to be released to the public in May 2015, will enable people to privately work together as a unit and access licensed or certified professionals that can guide them as they make decisions together.

It was the very idea of customized planning and simplicity of use for families that attracted Graham to the mission of Cariloop.

“It is their combination of talent, vision of the future, and ability to humanize technology.  Cariloop represents a great blend of product and service. An experience like none other for me personally when I used it for my 96-year-old father transitioning from independent living this year to either assisted living or long-term care from a fractured pelvis.  InterActive Legal wants that same experience for our all of our attorneys and their clients,” said Graham.

With the ability to potentially work with thousands of legal professionals across the country, the partnership serves as a major building block for Cariloop in their growth strategy.

 “We couldn’t be more excited to work with the InterActive Legal team and their membership base,” said Michael Walsh, CEO of Cariloop.  “Too many families and caregivers are going through this stressful process alone and without a plan in place.  By now equipping InterActive Legal members with Cariloop tools and coaches, these Elder Law and Estate Planning Attorneys can provide a truly amazing experience for their clients in this situation.”


Cariloop empowers people to take control of their senior care and service choices in a revolutionary way. By coaching families through this difficult time and helping them connect with the providers, services, and resources that best match their situation, Cariloop serves as their partner as they plan for and manage this important transition in life.  For more information, please contact us at,, or 844-790-5667.


InterActive Legal is the premier Knowledge Company for lawyers specializing in Elder Law, Estate, and Special Needs Planning. The company provides smart document drafting tools - Wealth Transfer Planning™, Essential Estate Planning™, and Elder Law Planning™ as the final part of the highest quality educational resources, elite discussion forums, a practitioner referral network, and more.  Lawyers utilizing InterActive Legal in their practice are many of the most-recognized and highly respected national thought leaders in the United States on these subjects.  For more information, contact us at,, or 321.252.0100.

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MindShare 2014 Series: Staying Active How and Why


Statement of Collaboration

In collaboration with Cariloop, the Alzheimer's Association is able to bring you the final installment of our MindShare 2014 series. We look forward to bringing you more opportunities in the future.

Privacy Promise: Your personal information is strictly confidential and will not be shared with any third party without your permission.


Saturday, December 13, 2014 at 11:05 a.m. C.S.T.

Via your computer.

Diana Kerwin, M.D., Chair, Alzheimer's Association Greater Dallas Board of Directors

Beverly Sanborn, LCSW, Gerontologist, VP of Program Development for Belmont Village Senior Living

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Do you find yourself reading articles or watching videos posted on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest?  Some are really interesting, others sensational - and then there is the one article that catches your eye because it “hits home.”  We must all raise our hands and admit we are curious and indulge ourselves.

There is nothing wrong with educating ourselves, even if it a guilty pleasure article some of the time; this is how we learn about topics these days.  Technology is a wonderful tool for providing valuable education.  More and more companies are reaching beyond the bricks and mortar to bring you educational offerings. 

One area of interest is aging and the challenges that come with it.  We all want to know how to slow it down, deal with it or just stop it - though really, we know we can’t stop it; no one gets out of this alive!

Keep educating yourself - it is great for the brain!  One way to do this goes beyond just reading an article.  How would you like to watch a really smart person provide you with advice or information that just might help you? 

It’s easy, just turn on your computer once a month (right now) and watch the live webinar brought to you by Cariloop, empowering people to take control of their senior care and service choices in a revolutionary way. 

Each month on the third Thursday at noon (except November and December, when other days are chosen), Cariloop will present topics related to getting older, helping care for others, and topics surrounding the brain.

On October 23, 2014 at noon, Cariloop will present a conversation with Cheryl Acres, RN, CCM, Geriatric Care Manager on “Transitions:  Moving through the Healthcare Maze”.  Follow the link below to sign up or watch the event section for even more information.

Find a computer near you Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.  here just might be something important to learn!  See you on soon!

Click here to sign up:

If you would like to view Cariloop’s past webinars, choose one of them below and the link will take you there:

The Seven Common Senses of Caregiving:

How to Keep Your Brain Active and Why You Should Care:

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Changing seasons significantly influences the activities we participate in. When the heat of summer bears down upon us, we like to hop in the pool and swim. In the fall and spring we may enjoy running in the crisp air—whether it’s chasing after a soccer ball or training for a marathon. Winter tends to push us indoors, forcing our reluctant bodies onto the treadmill or out on the basketball court. No matter what the activity is specifically, transitioning between seasons always seems to affect the type of activities we participate in.

                Transitioning stages of life related to age or health have much the same effect on our ability to participate in certain activities. We understand that the full contact backyard football game may no longer be a viable option for your source of activity, and so you might be searching for a new past time to keep you active and fit. If you or a loved one is stuck in an inactive state because of physical limitations due to age or health, think about choosing a new recreation from this list below.



                Yoga will help improve flexibility and relieve stress while exercising. Yoga is a low-impact activity, but it can have a significant impact on your overall state of health. If you are experiencing aches and pains, yoga keeps your aching areas active which helps reduce chronic pain. If you’re in the mood to lose a couple pounds, yoga may be the solution because it decreases cortisol which is the body’s natural stress hormone that causes body fat. Yoga’s strengthening of the joints and muscles also guards against falls that become more prevalent with aging because it targets your stability and balance. Yoga’s extended periods of balancing provides a great cardiovascular workout as well. The way that yoga gets your heart pumping will help guard against cardiovascular problems like heart disease and high cholesterol.



                Swimming is another low-impact activity that puts the entire body to work. Athletes who have suffered an injury to their legs will often continue workouts in the pool so that they can maintain their cardiovascular health as they heal. The same concept can be applied to those who are limited in their ability to run due to the stress it puts on the knees and ankles. Swimming may put new muscles to work, but your heart will always feel the workout that comes from swimming. Maintaining cardiovascular health is vital as we age, and swimming will increase your heart rate without the pains associated with high-impact activities like running and jumping. Plus you’ll get to cool off while staying in shape during those hot summer months!


Elliptical Training

                Another alternative that maintains cardiovascular endurance while avoiding high-impact activity is elliptical training. Spending 30 minutes on an elliptical or stationary bike offers less resistance to your joints and will keep your heart working hard. The fluid motion of an elliptical or stationary bike reduces wear and tear on joints that will help avoid the aches and pains that come with aging.


Weight Lifting

                In addition to cardiovascular health, keeping strong muscles is important as we age. Building muscle strength will make movement easier and more enjoyable. Muscular strength training can be done at home in front of the television or at the gym with your training partner. Whichever path you choose, be sure to include exercises that work all of your major muscle groups (legs, back, abdomen, shoulders, arms). Great options for exercises include push-ups, sit-ups, leg presses, bicep curls and more. Working with resistance bands is another great way to build muscular strength while avoiding overly strenuous routines. Even gardening can provide adequate weight-lifting opportunities when digging and shoveling!


                Don’t let a transitional stage in your life due to age slow you down. When the cool fall breeze turns into frigid winter air, all we have to do is adapt our activities to fit the weather conditions. The same principle applies when going through a changing season in life. If you know how to adapt, you will continue to find ways to stay healthy and fit despite changes in physical ability. Who knows, maybe yoga or swimming will be your next favorite activity!

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CEO Michael Walsh also selected as part of the 2014 Dallas Business Journal Who’s Who in Healthcare list


October 2, 2014 (Dallas, Texas) – As part of the 175+ nominations submitted for this honor, Cariloop has been selected as a finalist for the D CEO Excellence in Healthcare Award in Dallas and Fort Worth.


D CEO Magazine announced this week its inaugural group of 2014 program finalists. The winners will be announced on November 19th at an exclusive awards event in Dallas.  This inaugural group represents the area’s most outstanding healthcare executives, clinicians, and other innovative industry leaders and organizations.


The other 11 organizations selected as finalists were as follows:


Ampcare, Axxess, Baylor Scott & White Health, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas, Diabetes Health and Wellness Institute at Juanita J. Craft Recreation Center, Forest Park Medical Center Southlake, MyCare Personal Assistance, Parkland Clinic at Hatcher Station, Southwest Transplant Alliance, UT Southwestern Medical Center’s William P. Clements Jr. University Hospital, Viverae


This news for Cariloop comes just a few weeks after Chief Executive Officer Michael Walsh was selected by Dallas Business Journal as part of the 2014 Who’s Who in Healthcare, recognizing the top 25 business leaders in healthcare in Dallas and Fort Worth.


“These are huge team wins for us. We are humbled and thrilled to be recognized for the work we are doing to change how our nation’s seniors and caregivers transition to a longer term care setting”, said Walsh.  “We firmly believe that the age of consumer powered healthcare has arrived, and we intend to be at the forefront of this trend for many years to come.”


Cariloop concluded a $420,000 seed round this summer that was led by Dallas-based Green Park & Golf (“GPG”) Ventures, Silverado Interests, and Fort Worth-based Corbett Capital. 



Cariloop empowers people to take control of their senior care and service choices in a revolutionary way.  Cariloop’s innovative, patent-pending platform walks adult caregivers and healthcare professionals through a personalized, step-by-step process and allows them to see which care and service providers are the best matches for their situation, understand if they have the availability within a given budget, and connect with them immediately.   

# # #

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Within the short amount of time that Cariloop has been up and running, we have already seen the tremendous impact that our search wizard is making on individuals and families going through stressful periods of transition. Below is a testimonial by Molly Jones, a Senior Adult Minister, about her experiences with finding care in the senior space:

 “I was the Director of Spiritual Life and a chaplain at Presbyterian Village North for several years. While I was there I watched families struggle with caring for their elders, and sometimes they didn’t have a clue where they could go to find the help they needed. They knew they needed help, but they really didn’t know how to go find it.

Currently I am serving as a Director of Senior Adult Ministry at a large church in Dallas. In that role I am currently trying to walk alongside a member of my church and help her where I can because she has no one else. She has absolutely no family whatsoever and has been a member of this church for many years.

She recently got a diagnosis from the doctor that she needed to look at alternative living arrangements. She needed to totally reorder her whole world as she has known it and she needed help doing that.

So, I sat her down with Cariloop. We looked at living options and were able to narrow down the four places where she thought she might want to live. Now, when we go to visit the facilities she chose, we’re not going to visit places that are not appropriate for her. We’re not going to simply drive all over town trying to figure out where we should visit, and she isn’t so overwhelmed with the thought of moving in.

We’re just starting to visit the facilities and she hasn’t made a decision yet. One of the profiles had a video of the staff talking about the living environment at their facility and what they try to do with the people there. She really appreciated and liked how the video put a personal face on the facility. Seeing the profile made the facility go from being some place scary like a hospital to a place where there are caring people that you can embrace.

Cariloop’s process was easy and there were a lot of options presented. I like the fact that until she was ready to pick certain facilities and contact them, she has anonymity so she’s not going to be inundated with twelve places calling her that she really isn’t interested in living at.

I think Cariloop is a great place to start looking for what you need. It’s a better option than driving around town or calling a bunch of places, and spending a lot of time on the phone with people who really aren’t going to be able to meet your needs. You can go to one online resource and find a whole world of care options from housing to home care—whatever it is you need for your loved one—in one place. It’s a great time saver.”

Stories like this are the reason why we at Cariloop believe in our mission to simplify the process of finding care in the senior space. We believe that we can help you, just like we helped Molly and her friend.

If you’re trying to find care for yourself or a loved one, Cariloop wants you to know that you don’t have to do it alone. We invite you to visit our site and walk through the search wizard. We’ll provide quality matches for you that will keep your search process short and simple.

Visit Cariloop so that you can have your own testimonial about how transitioning into senior care doesn’t have to be as scary and stressful as it often is.