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Do you find yourself reading articles or watching videos posted on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest?  Some are really interesting, others sensational - and then there is the one article that catches your eye because it “hits home.”  We must all raise our hands and admit we are curious and indulge ourselves.

There is nothing wrong with educating ourselves, even if it a guilty pleasure article some of the time; this is how we learn about topics these days.  Technology is a wonderful tool for providing valuable education.  More and more companies are reaching beyond the bricks and mortar to bring you educational offerings. 

One area of interest is aging and the challenges that come with it.  We all want to know how to slow it down, deal with it or just stop it - though really, we know we can’t stop it; no one gets out of this alive!

Keep educating yourself - it is great for the brain!  One way to do this goes beyond just reading an article.  How would you like to watch a really smart person provide you with advice or information that just might help you? 

It’s easy, just turn on your computer once a month (right now) and watch the live webinar brought to you by Cariloop, empowering people to take control of their senior care and service choices in a revolutionary way. 

Each month on the third Thursday at noon (except November and December, when other days are chosen), Cariloop will present topics related to getting older, helping care for others, and topics surrounding the brain.

On October 23, 2014 at noon, Cariloop will present a conversation with Cheryl Acres, RN, CCM, Geriatric Care Manager on “Transitions:  Moving through the Healthcare Maze”.  Follow the link below to sign up or watch the event section for even more information.

Find a computer near you Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.  here just might be something important to learn!  See you on soon!

Click here to sign up:

If you would like to view Cariloop’s past webinars, choose one of them below and the link will take you there:

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