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For the Love of Lizzie!

It was a complete accident that we came upon this sweet little red dachshund. We had been asked to help locate another stray dog in the area, but instead found this emaciated and engorged mamma dog walking along the road inside of a trailer park. We learned that a Good Samaritan living there had been leaving food for her over the past three years, but finally it was just not enough. Her home was a tiny dirt hole underneath a trailer home where she produced litter after litter of puppies.  We followed her to the home and easily found the hole as it was covered in flies and the smell of death. None of the puppies from her most recent litter had survived.   

Neighbor’s report that just weeks before the angry tenant (the third after her original owners moved away) who lived in that same trailer home had just had enough of the sweet little dog and tossed a big pot of boiling water on her as she waited for food one day. The result was a severe 2nd degree burns over right side of her body and over her engorged and infected breasts.  The little dog had nowhere to go. No one who cared for her. No one offered to take her to the vet or the shelter to help ease her pain and suffering.

Of course she was very leery of humans and avoided eye contact. Over time she became even more emaciated, her body was infected, and she was dying. And no one cared. At the moment we stumbled across her path we knew we had to help her. A trap was set as she would not voluntarily come to us. We spoke to the people in the trailer park who told us of her long plight of pain, loss of her puppies litter after litter, and finally about the boiling water. She was an easy catch, fortunately. She was rushed to our veterinarian who started antibiotics and hydrotherapy.  After several months of excellent medical care and love, Lizzie, is now available for adoption!  

Lizzie was named after Queen Elizabeth by her foster mom as her rescue date was around the time of the royal wedding of Prince Harry to Meghan Markle. It has taken us several months to prepare Lizzie for adoption as her little 15 pound body was riddled with intestinal parasites and heartworm.   But she is a survivor and she is a winner! Lizzie loves people and other dogs. But her ideal home is a quiet one where her new family is home a lot. Another friendly dog is fine but not a requirement. She loves comfy dog beds and meals on time. She is happy just to be!

To adopt sweet Lizzie, foster another dog in need, or learn more about us visit Consider being part of Lizzie’s journey to the happiness she deserves!

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