Are you looking for an alternative for five day a week kindergarten? Do you want your child in a classroom with a low child/ teacher ratio? Do you want your child to have more personalized time with their teacher?

At First Kids Weekday School, we have a solution for parents looking for an alternative to public school kindergarten.

At First Kids, TK is Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9-2 PM just like the other age groups.  The curriculum closely follows the Kindergarten Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills as outlined by the Texas Education Agency (the same curriculum guidelines the public schools follow).  This includes learning experiences in subject areas including: Reading and Language Arts, Phonological Awareness and Phonics, Writing, Math, Health, Science, Social Studies, Art, and Technology.  Overall, the curriculum is literacy-based just like the Itty Bitty Bookworm curriculum the 3s and 4s classes use at First Kids.  This means that all subject areas incorporate the theme of the book/s for the week which helps children to more easily assimilate their learning.  In addition, the small student/teacher ratio, experiential learning practices (more hands-on rather than pencil and paper), and the Bible curriculum truly make TK an extremely valuable year for children.

If a child is ready and the child meets the age requirements, 1st grade is an option.  Due to the shorter school week, some learning objectives are not covered in as much depth in TK as they would be in a full-time Kindergarten program.  Students are exposed to all of the Kindergarten objectives in the TK class, but additional practice may be needed at home if a child plans to move on to 1st grade the next school year.  If 1st grade is a consideration, I like to know at the beginning of the school year so I can work closely with parents to ensure there are no learning gaps.

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