Saltwater Song



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Read Play Love
5938 Skillman St
Dallas, Texas 75231

Step into an all-new story told by our colorful menagerie of.... rainbow mermaid queens, magical time-traveling nereids, absurd pirates, mysterious Dark Sea creatures, dearly devoted sisters, and  the vastly entertaining Boys 2 Mermen Band. Gathered among all kinds of underwater flora and fauna, they share the majesty, mystery, and music of the ocean, with an unforgettable message about acceptance and unity.

Performance Dates:

* Thursday August 9, 7:00pm - Preview Performance, just donate what you can

* Friday August 10, 7:00pm - Opening Night

?* Saturday, August 11pm - RPL Alumni Sing-A-Long at 5:15, and Show at 6:30 Performance

Location: Dallas Childrens Theater (Studio Theater Space) Reservations:

Read Play Love is an inclusive community that offers creative and educational experiences to empower children and build a culture of love. Read Play Love is a 501(c) organization

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