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DAWG- There is a special program for young puppies, to foster them until they are old enough to be vaccinated. Are you interested?

Be a First Responder- Save a Life!

Everyone has the opportunity to save a life, by being a first responder for a dog that needs out of the shelter. Dallas’ First Responders posed with adoptable dogs as a reminder that anyone can have a big impact and save a life – even if they can only foster for a few days.    

Go to, and submit a foster application.  A volunteer will get back to you quickly to find the best match for you – short-term, long- term, small dogs, big dogs – there are lots of choices! Even taking a dog home with you for a few days can save a life,  and will enhance yours. -   


Be a First Responder for Dallas Dogs! Fosters save lives. For more information go to,   and check out The DAWG Project on Face Book for more details.   

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