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Numerous sources have cautioned us regarding the potential for depression and anxiety resulting from the COVID-19 Pandemic and long periods of “lock down.” In fact, one Kaiser Foundation Tracking Poll from mid-July showed that “53% of adults in the United States reported that their mental health has been negatively impacted due to worry and stress over the Coronavirus.”

But how many of us have considered the possible affects on our dogs and their mental health?

Kathy Collins, owner of Kinder Kritter, Inc. in Dallas, “We’ve talked with many dog owners who are now dropping off their pets for a “spa day,” or specific grooming needs. We really see the positive affects first-hand for both dogs and parents.”

“If you’ve had your dog for a while, you notice changes in attitude in their eating and sleeping habits. These can certainly be signs of depression. A good grooming appointment – bath, nails, and all – can really change their attitude. Sometimes, dogs come in looking like real rag-a-muffins and leave with their tails wagging and smiles all around, Collins said.”    

Cristina Raslan, manager, said. “Dogs need a mental lift like everyone else. Having a day of grooming -- and even a little socialization with other dogs -- gives them a change of scene and they tend to go back to their owners full of new energy. The parents love to see them all spiffed up with a bandana or maybe a new collar bow. Everyone gets their spirits lifted!”

When asked how Kennels are dealing with COVID and the various safety issues involved, Collins said, “We are taking tremendous precautions during these months to ensure the safety of our staff – but also our clients and their pups. The staff uses all the required protocols and we only do curbside drop-off and pick-up at this time.”

We asked her what sets Kinder Kritter apart from other possible grooming or boarding facilities, “I would say the staff and how we treat dogs like real family members. I also trust our staff to be very aware of any health issues and to relay those concerns to the owner right away. Really, the best kennels are those that request proof of shots, an in-person evaluation, have a clean facility, and a really joyful staff. If the staff is kind to animals, you can pick up on that quickly – even at the first drop-off.”

Parents may contact Kinder Kritter to set up an appointment for the holidays at 214-321-3939 or visit their website to make an appointment online:   

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