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The Thursday before Thanksgiving, NETWORK’s lobby  was filled to capacity as people waited patiently to hear their named called for an interview. Ms. Penny, part of NETWORK’s Grandfamilies Program, was no exception. She was eager for her appointment with Sheila.  


At the age of 44, Ms. Penny has found herself raising five of her  grandchildren. The children range in age from 1 to 16 yrs old. Each child has some kind of learning difference, as they were each born addicted to cocaine or heroin.


She refuses to give up on her grandchildren.


Sheila, a veteran volunteer at NETWORK, met with Ms. Penny that day. Sheila listened and encouraged Ms. Penny. Most of

all, Sheila helped her.


Amidst the all the challenges in Ms. Penny’s life, when asked what NETWORK means to her, she said “This place is filled with angels, and while they may not be able to completely change

my life situation, they are always here to encourage and listen. This place truly brings you a sense of peace and you walk out feeling hopeful again.”


No grandmother should have to wonder how she is going to feed her grandbabies. NETWORK continues to offer hope to all who enter.  


Interested in getting plugged in at NETWORK? Visit for more information of giving your time, talent, & treasures. 

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