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On February 17 Officer Tommy Davis from the Richardson Police Department presented our monthly senior seminar on “Senior Scams and Elder Fraud”.  Officer Davis impressed the crowd with his knowledge of the ingenious ways scammers perpetrate fraud on senior citizens.  This important program sought to enlighten those who attended about the vast variety of scams and fraud.  Officer Davis shared story after story of trusting seniors who had been taken advantage off.  He told one story of an elderly lady who was told to seal the vents on the roof to prevent leakage.  The scammer spray painted the vents silver and charge $3,000 for the work.  Remember, he reminded the crowd, be wary if it seems “too good to be true--it probably is”.

The NETWORK of Community Ministries, founded in 1985, is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization dedicated to caring, coaching and empowering neighbors in need as they seek an improved quality of life.  91% of all donations to NETWORK go directly to program services through the Adolescent and Children’s Clinic, Emergency Services, and Seniors’ Net.  NETWORK is located at 741 S. Sherman, Richardson, TX 75081.  

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