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John describes himself and his wife as “ordinary folks trying to make a difference”. The Bayer’s have been donating to NETWORK regularly for the last few years. Having always had a heart to serve, when the Bayer’s learned about NETWORK and the services that we provide to Richardson families in need, the Bayer’s added NETWORK to their list of charities to support. A few times a year, the Bayer's buy clothing, books and personal care items in bulk to bless NETWORK. This month, they donated two full racks on new (with tags) children’s clothing, as well as, personal care items, and canned goods.  Allison stated “I know how excited I am when I get a new item of clothing.  I want families to feel that same excitement.  I know that the families appreciate all the donations they are able to receive.  And we’ve donated gently used items too.  But, everyone deserves something new sometimes.  We hope it brings them joy.”

NETWORK is grateful for all our donors like the Bayer's, who have adopted NETWORK as their charity of choice to help our neighbors in need during their time of crisis.

NETWORK is based in Richardson , Texas and has a service area encompassing fourteen zip codes in Dallas County. NETWORK is a basic needs charity with three divisions: Emergency Services, providing food, shelter, clothing and utility services to children, adults, and seniors; the Adolescent and Children's Clinic, meeting the acute care and dental needs of uninsured children; and Seniors' Net, dedicated to providing those 60+ with the right resources to live independently in their own homes. 

For more information about NETWORK of Community Ministries, Inc. please visit our website at   

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