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How fresh fruit helps improve your concentration at work

Finding it hard to concentrate in the office? You’re certainly not alone. Early starts, late nights, long commutes and hours in front of a computer screen can take their toll on your ability to focus on your work. And with that lack of mental acuity comes lower productivity, negatively impacting the quantity and quality of the work you deliver.

What can make the problem even worse is reaching for shortcuts to give you a temporary boost. It’s easy to go for an extra cup of coffee when you’re feeling sluggish in the office, but you may well find yourself crashing not long after. Coffee, energy drinks, sugary snacks and other shortcuts can end up making it even harder to concentrate.

Best foods for low blood sugar

There is a good reason you might reach for a snack, though: low blood sugar. Our bodies create glucose from the food and beverages we consume, which gives us energy. That’s why an empty stomach can make it harder to concentrate. Your body is crying out for more energy to work with.

Not all food is broken down at the same rate though, which is why high-sugar, low-fiber snacks like pastries or candy can give you an immediate boost that doesn’t last all that long. Healthier snacks take longer to be broken down and as such give you a more sustained release of energy. And among the healthiest snacks to eat is fresh fruit, which is why businesses throughout the Houston or Dallas/Fort Worth areas look to ORCHARD At The OFFICE for their office fruit delivery needs.

Research on the benefits of fruits

There have been many studies into the benefits that fresh fruit and vegetables can have on your daily mental well-being, including your ability to concentrate. A study of 405 young adults found that fruit and vegetables were linked to a noticeable increase in their happiness and in their feelings of curiosity and creativity. There also may be links between keeping blood glucose at a steady level and greater self-control, which means greater control over your attention, impulses, stress and emotions.

Fruits like bananas, apples, pears, oranges and plums offer different levels of fiber and fructose that can help maintain your blood sugar levels throughout your work day. They are also full of vitamins and minerals, which benefit your overall health. The occasional cookie, doughnut or slice of pie can be a nice treat, but fruit and vegetables are snacks you can eat every day without adversely impacting your health or concentration.

Tips for staying productive at work

Getting your recommended daily intake of fresh fruit and vegetables is a key part of maintaining healthiness and well-being, thus increasing your productivity. To maximize their effect, you should also make sure you maintain an all-around healthy lifestyle. This includes getting plenty of sleep, staying hydrated and taking regular breaks from work. Even a short five-minute break can give your mind a little bit of breathing space. It’s also the perfect time to help yourself to a healthy fresh fruit snack! Regular exercise, a healthy diet and plenty of rest all contributes to keeping your mental well-being as healthy as it can be, thus increasing your happiness and your productivity.

To inquire about fresh fruit delivery for your office, visit, e-mail or call 972.295.9091.

By Joe Towner, the Roving Rhubarb, on behalf of ORCHARD At The OFFICE

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