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Senior Community Attracts Trendy Seniors From Uptown Condo

Some Dallasites choose to live in the vibrancy of Uptown while they are in college or post-college before starting their families. Others migrate back to the scene as empty nesters, choosing the convenience of high-rise living and the proximity to entertainment and fine dining. Cullen Rogers, 80, and Dolores Rogers, 77, spent the last 13 years living in a high-rise in Uptown. Now, the couple is craving a different experience that fits them better. They want to learn new things, participate in exciting activities and enjoy an environment filled with hospitality and amenities, as well as be surrounded by more of their peers. This year, the Rogers will move from their condo in Uptown to a spacious apartment in Leonard Rose Villas at Presbyterian Village North (PVN), a senior living community in North Dallas. In the midst of a $93 million expansion project, the vibrant senior living community will offer them the active lifestyle they crave, as well as opportunities to volunteer and socialize in a wonderful location, surrounded by their peers. 


“It was important to make this move at an early age to a community where we can fill our lives with fun and rewarding activities, while still knowing that extra help is available should we need anything later in our lives,” said Cullen. “Many seniors opt to stay in their home, and then when a health condition is exacerbated or catches a family off-guard, the children are stuck in the middle. They must deal with the chaos of deciding whether their parents should move or not and where they should move – all the while dealing with their own emotional stress from the situation at hand. Our goal was to alleviate that stress for them and for us, in knowing that we will soon be in a community that offers nearly everything we could ever need in our retirement, from both a lifestyle standpoint and a wellness standpoint. As a continuing care retirement community, Presbyterian Village North provides independent living, assisted living, memory care, rehab and skilled nursing. This gives us full confidence that we can easily access additional care in the future if we need it.”


“We are excited to move into the Leonard Rose Villas, as we have discovered that there are a lot of people we have known from other times in our life who currently live at PVN,” said Dolores. “Cullen and I are both Dallas natives and have spent practically our entire lives here. We are looking forward to catching up with longstanding friends and getting to know new neighbors. Our former neighbors and friends, John and Betty Birkner, owned a condo on the same floor as us in Uptown and recently relocated to Martins Landing at Presbyterian Village North. We did not know they were also considering moving into a senior living community, and we were delighted when we found out about their decision. We love how they have integrated hospitality into the culture of the community. There are new memories to be made in these coming years!”


Cullen and Dolores have fond memories of PVN, as both of their mothers lived at the community in the assisted living and skilled nursing neighborhoods. Upon their recent visit, they determined the services offered were still excellent, the food tasted delicious and they liked the idea of maintenance-free living. They were even more eager for a move when they learned about the expansion of the campus and found out that 1,800-square-foot floorplans are available. The community’s close proximity to downtown and centralized location in regards to shopping and dining in both central and north Dallas was also a draw.


“The area where we currently live has a lot of energy, and it’s near the Dallas Arts District. It’s a very happening place,” said Cullen. “Given this lifestyle we are accustomed to living we knew we had to pick a senior community that would meet our expectations in regards to active living. From what I’ve seen and heard, PVN offers quite the agenda with a multitude of things to do. Everyone seems so down-to-earth and genuine. We cannot wait to get to know fellow residents. We will miss the urban lifestyle of Uptown, but we are looking forward to this new chapter at Presbyterian Village North.”


“Many seniors have been positively affected by PVN’s culture and the lifestyle we offer residents here on the campus,” said Ron Kelly, executive director of Presbyterian Village North. “The expansion project is a way for us to offer vibrant, maintenance-free living to even more seniors in the Dallas area. It is fun for us to see how many residents knew each other at various points in their lives and to see them reconnecting in our community. By constructing a new residential building and expanding existing ones, we can open our doors to more seniors looking for a welcoming and fun community in which to call home. Our campus is a thriving place of togetherness, love and friendship. Our team prides itself on being a ministry of people serving people.”


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Friday, September 2, 2016