Cori Hallock – Guest Contributor
Mar 29 @ 2:38 pm
Izakaya Culture: Learn From a Gen-J Facilitator



Central Standard Time



Yama Izakaya & Sushi
2625 Old Denton Rd., Ste. 920
Carrollton, TX, Texas 75007

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What is an Izakaya?
Izakaya literally means “I” (Stay) “SAKAYA” (Sake Shop) so traditionally it is a place where you can sit and drink on the premises. In today’s izakayas you can order food, drinks and hang out with friends or colleagues for an evening. Many Izakayas also offer “bottle keep” where your unfinished bottle of shochu waits for you to return.What is Izakaya Culture? What can you learn?

– Do you know how to say “cheers” in Japanese?
– Do you know where you should sit when you go to the Izakaya with your boss or your colleagues?
– Do you know proper chopsticks manners?
– Do you know what ice breaker games are played in Japan?
– Do you want to know Izakaya-related Vocabulary?