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Kay Lynn Mayhue is a native Texan now living in Atlanta where she works to help others plan for their financial future. A Cum Laude graduate from UNT with a degree in Financial Planning, she recently lost a dear friend to Cancer--leaving her twin toddlers too soon--and now has a renewed focus on helping young families prepare for life's sometimes unfair surprises. Kay Lynn travels to Texas about once a month to work with families in north Texas.

Kay Lynn Mayhue grew up in Richardson where she was a tri-athlete: she played guard on her high school basketball team, threw the discus in track and was on the volleyball team, “Where I basically warmed the bench while successfully avoided offseason basketball!” she says with a laugh.

A very competitive and driven person, in addition to sports and studying, she also worked a lot after school to earn money for college. She babysat, worked for a veterinarian, was a restaurant hostess, held management positions at several upscale Dallas hotels and was often busy helping rescue animals.

She attended the University of North Texas.  After graduating cum laude with a bachelor's degree in Financial Planning, she received a job offer from the company where she had interned. Shortly before she took the job, she met Erin Botsford.  “I just knew it would be a good fit for me,” she says, so she joined Botsford Financial Group in 1998 and began helping people in the north Texas area plan for their future retirement.

Her job took her one week a month to Atlanta, then two weeks, then three, until finally she moved there which meant less travel and more time to enjoy life. She and her husband, Greg, live in Roswell with their four children: Madison, 14; Bowen, 6; Keaton, 4; and Campbell, 3, her baby girl who Kay Lynn refers to as one of the best surprises of her life!

Another shock that was the opposite of a good surprise was losing one of her best friends, Brenda. Right at her 44th birthday, she was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer. “She went extremely quick. We were all in shock.” Brenda died nine months after her diagnosis, leaving behind a husband and 18-month-old twin baby girls.

Kay Lynn says, “The loss was so hard. I’ve now seen first-hand the emotional side, the financial side and the spiritual side when you lose someone suddenly. This is why I say that no one knows when their birth certificate is going to expire so the time to do planning is now.”  She admits that she felt helpless with her friend, although she’d been trained to help people plan for their future. “Life insurance is not an option after being diagnosed with a life threatening disease. By the time we realized Brenda was sick, it was too late.”

Kay Lynn says the best time to do financial planning is yesterday (or next best is today)! She works with a lot of people in their fifties who hope to retire in ten years or less. “The time to plan is not after that last paycheck hits the bank, it is the decade or more before then.” 

A new passion she has developed is working with parents, to help them plan for any unexpected turns in their lives. She learned a lot from the situation with Brenda, and she has moved into action to help other parents build a safety net for their children, should disaster happen.

Kay Lynn’s father passed away just over three years ago, and she’s been trying to help her mother go through all his lifetime of things, and says, “We haven’t even made a dent. Purging things is hard.”  It has also been hard for her to see her mother deal with the emotions of moving forward in life on her own.   Through this, she has developed a huge passion for helping widows with both the financial and emotional impact the loss of a spouse can have. 

What isn’t hard, she says, but is more of a joy, is her job with Botsford Financial Group. Kay Lynn oversees both the Dallas and Atlanta offices. She is the company’s President, Managing Partner and Chief Compliance Officer. She sees clients, does speaking engagements and is busy with community involvement.

She’s proud to say she is a part of the Atlanta Estate Planning Council; members can join by invitation only. Most are attorneys, so Kay Lynn says, “It’s a privilege to be in that group. The members are cutting edge in their legacy planning.”

She’s also a new Board Member of Ignite Hope, a non-profit which supports adoption and is active in several leadership groups through 4word, a national non-profit supporting Christian career women, and Northpoint Community Church. 

Kay Lynn admits she’s fortunate and counts her blessings often. “I have an excellent husband who is amazing, and a nanny who loves our kids as her own during the day - we couldn’t do what we do without her.” She says she has a huge appreciation for working moms and knows how hard it is to raise children while working full time outside of the home.

As she remembers her friend Brenda, she invites her twin girls—now four years old— to her home as much as possible. “I want them to know they are loved and that we will always be here for them,” she says.

But the loss of her friend reminds her to keep after her clients with younger children and make sure their families will not be torn apart by the unexpected loss of a parent. It’s her way of grieving for her friend - helping other families plan for their future and to protect their lifestyle.

Contact Kay Lynn for her “Ten Things to DO This Summer” list of important tasks to complete to protect your family’s lifestyle: Kay Lynn Mayhue, CFP®, AEP ® or call the Frisco office located at:

3001 Dallas Parkway
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