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George Fleming, Richland College student and 2013 Goldblatt Scholar

George Fleming, Richland College student, has been chosen as a 2013 Goldblatt Scholar. Mr. Fleming and the other six Goldblatt Scholars will be honored on Oct. 24 at the Max and Rosa Goldblatt Endowment Awards in Community Service ceremony.

Mr. Fleming attends Richland College and plans to major in electrical engineering. He has spent more than 160 hours volunteering in the community, balancing those efforts with school while he earned a 4.0 grade point average. Mr. Fleming volunteers as a mathematics tutor, teaching students across a wide range of math levels.

“I no longer volunteer for the reasons I intended; since then, I’ve found great joy in teaching students who learn at different paces,” he reflects. “I found that it is not just fulfilling but extremely fun for me to work with each individual and to see them progress and succeed in their classes. I found, by teaching others, that I, too, learn a great deal.”

Last year, Mr. Fleming helped build and run a winter “boot camp” for developmental math students in addition to his tutoring efforts. He believes, “Volunteering isn’t just for the people you are trying to help. It’s for the volunteer as well.”

The Goldblatt scholarships are named in memory of Max Goldblatt, who served three terms on the Dallas City Council, and his wife, Rosa, who led multiple community service projects. Mr. Goldblatt also was instrumental in the creation of the Dallas County Community College District (DCCCD).

One student from each of the seven colleges in the DCCCD system are selected every third year as Goldblatt Scholars, based on their motivation, success in the classroom and dedication to their communities. Each awardee receives a $600 scholarship ($300 per semester) from the DCCCD Foundation, which administers the Goldblatt scholarship endowment.

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