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Calling all music fans who want to support kids from 3 local schools!  Following a qualifier round that took place in April, local band Coma Motel, consisting of five teens between the ages of 14-17, moved on to a voting round. They could have the awesome chance to play at Wildflower! Arts and Music Festival on May 19, if they can earn the most votes in an online run-off. This is a longtime dream for them, especially members Sam Wood and Olivia Hughes, who have been performing as an acoustic duo “Sam & Olivia”, for several years around Richardson. Their 3 band mates, Z Alsup, Jacob Meazle and Wolfgang Hunter joined them earlier this year performing original songs as well as a few covers such as The Middle by Jimmy Eat World.  Check out the compilation video of the songs they performed for the qualifiers here. 

Coma Motel must get more votes than their Austin-based rivals to perform in the Battle of the Bands at Wildflower.  Please go vote for these kids at  Voting ends Monday, May 7 at noon, and everyone can vote once per day.  Let’s go, Richardson!  Please vote today!

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