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Brent Coralli, CEO of Sting Soccer, announced today Sting Soccer has on staff a registered dietitian. The announcement, part of the Brent Coralli – CEO of Sting Soccer – Brings On Registered and Licensed Dietician blog, talks about the importance of a well-balanced diet for Sting athletes and introduces Kelly Murphy, a registered and licensed dietician. 

Taco Bell’s recent announcement about entering the world of fast food breakfasts seems to have gotten more attention for the viral video featuring real-life Ronald McDonalds than any nutritional value associated with the menu.

Fact is, we are all being bombarded with messages about what constitutes healthy eating, how many meals we should be eating, the size of those meals and what makes up those meals. These messages are varied and numerous, leaving adults and children scratching their head.

That is why, in-part, Sting Soccer has on staff a registered dietitian. Something – while becoming more common for college and professional teams - is certainly not the rule for youth sports. “In the youth game, awareness is lacking but hugely important given the taxing schedules and specific nutritional needs associated with growth and puberty,” said Brent Coralli, CEO of Sting Soccer.

“A well-balanced diet is imperative for player development, sports performance, injury prevention and general wellness.”

To satisfy this need, Brent brought on Kelly Murphy, RD in January of this year. Kelly is a registered and licensed dietitian and attended Cornell University where she graduated cum laude with a degree in Nutritional Sciences. Following her undergraduate degree she moved to Texas to complete her Dietetic Internship at Baylor University Medical Center. Kelly worked in Baylor’s hospital downtown primarily in the Solid Organ Transplant as well as the Telemetry and ICU departments.

In addition to her passion for nutrition and education, Kelly has a love of soccer and is a former NCAA Division One soccer player. She played four years at Cornell University earning three varsity letters, recognition as Ivy League Rookie of the Week and MVP. Her goal is to continue to educate and encourage individuals to live and maintain a healthy lifestyle and perform at their best on the soccer field.

The perfect match for Sting Soccer.

“Kelly has been invaluable in coupling her own soccer playing experience with her vast knowledge of the nutritional field to ensure that the important messages are being heard by our membership,” Brent said. Kelly has the ability to present nutrition in a way that is meaningful and relevant to the young athlete. Our players have found the experiences with Kelly to be fun while leaving with several very important messages. Kelly also connects monthly with all of the clubs membership via our newsletter. She provides helpful tips that are specific to the needs of Sting soccer players.”

“I’m truly excited to have the opportunity to work with Sting players, parents and coaches,” Kelly said. “Soccer is a passion of mine; I love the game and grew up having my parents drive me all over the place to play in practices, games and tournaments so I completely understand the lifestyle. Nutrition is so crucial in health and sports, and I have first-hand experience with that and love to share my knowledge with others.”

And what about the Taco Bell announcement?

“I’m not surprised that fast food companies are trying to gain traction in the breakfast market,” Kelly said. “Nutrition and health professionals continue to emphasize the importance of breakfast, because it really is vital to mental alertness, which results in better work performance for adults and children.”

More from Kelly:

  • I am a strong proponent for eating breakfast, even if it is something small because something is better than nothing. That being said, there are good choices and there are not so good choices.
  • Fast food is convenient and therefore very enticing to us, however, you really need to think about what you are putting into your body and I’m not talking about just calories, I’m talking about food. For example, an Egg McMuffin has 300 calories, however it also contains five grams of saturated fat (which is 1/3rd of what the American Heart Association recommends for heart health), 820 mg of sodium (34 percent of your recommended daily value) and 260 grams of cholesterol (87 percent of your recommended daily intake) and only two grams of fiber.
  • The waffle taco with bacon similarly has five grams of saturated fat, 420 mg of sodium and only one gram of fiber.
  • While all of the facts are available online, most people do not want to look at them, or they justify their choice by comparing it to other food options like a Big Mac or a Cheesy Gordita Crunch; that’s like comparing a boat with one hole in the bottom of it to one with two. Yes it will keep going for a bit but in the end neither choice is good to keep it afloat.
  • Choosing a healthy breakfast doesn’t need to be hard or expensive. Low-fat yogurt or Greek yogurts are great choices, some even come with some granola mix-ins that make it a little more complete. Grab a whole grain granola bar and a piece of fruit, or even a packet of instant oatmeal.
  • There will always be a morning when you’re running late, stop at a grocery store, they tend to have better options or go with the egg white flatbreads or sandwiches, because those tend to be lower in saturated fat (although still high in sodium). As consumers, we need to pay attention to what we are being sold and make smart choices.

Anyone else think Brent made a great choice in having Kelly work with Sting. In upcoming blogs, we will learn more about Kelly, her involvement with Sting and more of her nutritional viewpoints. 

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