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Brent Coralli, CEO of Sting Soccer, posted today about his appearance on KTVT-TV, the CBS affiliate in Dallas, TX.

The segment, inspired in-part by Sheryl Sandberg, Chief Operating Officer at Facebook, and her  ‘Ban Bossy’ Campaign, featured interviews with Brent and two of Sting soccer players, Kate Haydo and Julie James of our Sting ECNL ’97 Team.

In the KTVT-TV segment, Brent talked about the importance of not worrying about what others say, but believing in yourself.

As an athlete, father of three children and CEO of Sting Soccer Coralli has heard and seen first-hand what name calling and labeling can do. It may occur in the heat of the moment, to get a teammate psyched-up, or wanting to rattle an opponent. It may also be a way to just categorize someone and move on - - not spending the time and effort necessary to better understand the individual and his/her motivations.

Fact is, calling someone out or labeling someone has, and will always exist. And it will always exist on and off the field.

Some will say it builds intestinal fortitude. Others say it is unnecessary and in some instances, cowardly.   

At Sting, “The Education of Life through Soccer” is taught - - the importance of Pride, Tradition, Character, Commitment and Leadership. Attributes seen on and off the field. 

Sting girls have a rigorous schedule on and off the field - - whether it is practicing two to three times a week, traveling to games throughout the country, keeping up their grades and participating in community service - - that is netting real results. This year alone players have received – in many instances – full ride scholarships to colleges such as Kentucky, A&M, UT, Notre Dame and many others.  

In the blog, Coralli says they don’t have time for name calling or labels. He’s very proud and humbled to say his girls do the right thing on and off the field and have the confidence and self-awareness within themselves to embrace and love who they are - - they know they cannot control what others say or do toward us.

To learn more about Coralli’s bossy thoughts, read Sting CEO Brent Coralli Talks Being Bossy on KTVT-TV.

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