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Brent Coralli, CEO of Sting Soccer, posted his most recent blog today. Brent Coralli’s Sting Soccer Player Profile: Once Rival, Now Advocate - Jessica Schuveiller [link], talks about how Jessica Schuveiller never imagined herself as a Sting Soccer player. She was on a rival team and it wasn’t until her coach – current Director of Coaching at Sting Soccer – Kenny Medina moved to Sting. It was Jessica’s senior year in high school when he went to Sting Soccer and her team followed. “Our once rival club team became the uniform we wore, which was at first really hard,” Jessica said.

Today, Jessica Maday lives in Fort Worth with her college sweetheart/husband, and their one year old son.  She is currently the National Accounts Manager at VOLA Sports and reports to VOLA and Sting Soccer CEO, Brent Coralli.

So what changed?

In the blog, we learn about:

-        How Jessica felt when she first got to Sting and when and how those feelings changed; and

-        Jessica’s soccer play at the University of Notre Dame, including her winning the National Championship.

“That feeling of never being complacent, always striving to be the best and how to be a team player are just some of the intangibles that have helped me in all facets of my life. You can't teach what it means to have someone's back. That is something you experience by being a part of something greater than yourself and I truly believe soccer shaped who I am.

 “It takes hard work, “Jessica explained. “You have to do the things when no one is watching. Let your play do the talking and don't give up when you’re sitting the bench because when you get your chance, you want to be ready. Be accountable. It's easy to point fingers, but taking responsibility is respectable and will take you far not just in soccer, but in life.”

In addition, the blog talks about:

-        The success of Jessica’s teammates; and

-        What Jessica thinks about Brent Coralli and what he has accomplished with Sting Soccer.

Go to Brent Coralli’s Sting Soccer Player Profile: Once Rival, Now Advocate - Jessica Schuveiller to read the entire blog. 

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