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The Classics Theatre Project prescribes farcical French laughs as the remedy for end of summer ennui  with a simple, stylish, and side-splitting mounting of Molière's THE IMAGINARY INVALID. Adapted and directed by Joey Folsom, keen wit, outlandish schemes, and slapstick humor deliver a dose of timeless hilarity September 8-25 at The Core Theatre's venue in Richardson. Considered one of the world's greatest comedic dramatists, Molière's quick-witted style of analyzing 17th Century French society, through uproariously sending up the types of people comprising it, was a driving factor in the evolution of social comedy and what has made his work endure through its humorous insights into human nature. 
Influenced by its Commedia dell'arte predecessors, Molière's rollicking precursor to the modern farce, THE IMAGINARY INVALID, has no shortage of over-the-top characters, physical comedy and zany situations as Argan, a miserly hypochondriac, is treated for a range of ills by a multitude of doctors indulging his "sufferings" for their benefit. He plans for his daughter to marry the son of a doctor, to have one nearby at all times and at a discount. She has her own plans to marry another man she truly loves while her stepmother plans to have her sent to a convent, in order to claim an inheritance for herself when Argan meets his seemingly imminent demise. Soon the entire household gets embroiled in madcap schemes as the maid, and Argan's brother argue and trick their way through this 3-act comedy in an effort to save true love, give the doctors a taste of their own medicine, and mend the family broken by Argan's obsession.
Molière's THE IMAGINARY INVALID is adapted and directed by Joey Folsom and produced by Joey Folsom and Bren Rapp. The cast features Jackie Kemp, Madyson Greenwood, Devon Rose, Rhonda Rose, Joel Frapart, David Britto and R. Bradford Smith. As part of THE CLASSICS THEATRE PROJECT'S mission to make the classics accessible to all, tickets are general admission and accessibly priced, with performance tickets at $18 and tickets to a special, Wednesday, September 8th preview priced at only $10. The production performs at The Core Theatre, 518 W. Arapaho Road, Richardson, TX  75080. All shows perform at 7:30PM TH, FRI, SAT. Tickets are available online at
The Classics Theatre Project has produced acclaimed and award winning work throughout DFW for the past three years and is excited to be bringing its productions to Richardson, now through the end of 2021. 
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