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Texas As I See It, a fine art photography book on Texas, is a critically acclaimed fine art book, endorsed by Ebby Halliday and Collin County Sheriff Terry Box.

  • In its second printing
  • It was published in 2011
  • Just over 160 pages
  • With 205 photos
  • 13"x11"
  • 3.7 lbs.
  • $34.95 signed by the author
  • $39.95 signed and personalized by the author

Order direct from our website:

If you are interested in seeing the videos, check out our YouTube channel.

We have page-turning videos of the entire book hyperlapsed down to 60 seconds.

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We ship anywhere in the continental United States and your order will go out within 48 hours (excluding weekends). 

You can also make arrangements to meet at our Richardson studio to pick up your book, which saves shipping charges.


Here are some of the many testimonials:

(There are many more on our website)


One of my friends / clients called me yesterday after looking through about 1/3 of the book I had left for him. He said some very profound things about the effect of reading through the book and examining the photos.

He felt he had been given a new insight into the mind of his God. That he now understood how his God finds everything beautiful, even though we see ugliness. How while we are tied up in fretting over hardships in our lives, God is cruising creation on his Harley and appreciating the environment from a completely different level.

I was handed the title of "Gods Photographer" yesterday. I have not had such a humbling conversation in I don't know how long.


"Warren Harris is an amazing talent. The images captured within this publication are truly exceptional. Insightful, delightfully composed images that speak volumes of truth about the great state of Texas. If you haven't purchased this collection yet, you should. You will not be disappointed with your investment, and you will be supporting great art from an exceptional artist!!! Your photographic contributions to the documentation of Texas history are greatly appreciated Warren. Great job! Thank You"


I absolutely love the book. The pictures are just beautiful and I love the comments Warren has about them. It's fascinating to me to see these pictures through the eyes of the photographer. He is truly an artist. I decided to leave one of the books out on my coffee table for people to see when they're looking at the house and take the other one home for me. I'm going through it slowly because I'm reading each comment and really studying the photo. Please tell Warren how much I am enjoying his wonderful talent!


Warren Paul Harris captures the seemingly insignificant, rarely noticed spaces and interesting enclaves of the many back roads of the great state of Texas. As modern as most of our cities have become, Harris’s work reminds us that we rest on the souls of a rich history so beautifully caught by his artistic eye and photo lens.

Mary Tomás
Painter and Gallery Owner
Mary Tomás Studio Gallery

Mr. Harris credits an art class taken in Marin County in 1992, with vastly improving his appreciation of art and his compositional skills, while confirming his long-held belief in an inability to draw anything recognizable. An epiphany in 2006, caused him to re-embrace his first love of photography, acquire new digital equipment, and attack the art form with a vengeance, determined to make up for what he feels is “lost time”. Never without a camera, Warren captures new images for his collection on a regular basis and has embraced digital manipulation to create his frequently dark and other-worldly images. In spite of being advised by a multitude of friends and relatives that “There is nothing to see in Texas.”, Warren pursues the obscure and fascinating beauty he finds throughout the vast expanse of the Lone Star State. Content to ride his Harley for hours at a time down endless 2-lane highways, exploring the myriad small towns that pepper the Texas countryside, he finds gems of Texas history everywhere he trains his lens. A 2015 feature article in the Dallas Observer characterizes Harris as "Grateful Dead Roadie Turned Prolific Texas Photographer" - Contact Warren Paul at  
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