Summer Water Toys for Kids

Brighton the Day 6/14 8:00A megan hopkins
During the summer, my kids and I basically live in our backyard. But if you re from Texas (or have even visited during the summer months), you know it gets hot. Like triple digit temperatures hot. So, it s basically a non-negotiable that I have...

Summer Uniform Essentials

Brighton the Day 6/14 5:53A megan hopkins
If I were to claim a summer uniform for myself, it was either be: easy summer dress or workout clothes. It s basically all I live in during the warm months. Honestly, it gets so hot here in Dallas that I am going to choose comfort anything most...

How to Choose the Right Shingles for Your House

Richardson BubbleLife iReporter 6/13 3:00A Hannah Pittman
When it comes to choosing the right shingles for your house, there are several factors to consider. The type of shingles you choose can greatly impact the overall look, durability, and energy...

Unlocking Radiant Skin at Your Local Medspa

Richardson BubbleLife iReporter 6/13 3:00A Hannah Pittman
Everyone's seeking the secret to that perfect, radiant complexion that seems to defy the logic of age and stress, and often, they find their answers in the nurturing embrace of their local medspa....

Promoting Positive Mental Health in Children: Tips for Parents

Richardson BubbleLife iReporter 6/13 3:00A Hannah Pittman
Mental health is a crucial aspect of our children's overall well-being, and as parents, it is our responsibility to ensure that their mental health is nurtured and supported. In this engaging and...

My Favorite Restaurants In Dallas

Brighton the Day 6/12 11:20A megan hopkins
Despite living here now for a long time, I have NOT done a great job of sharing about Dallas. Pretty much all I ve put together is a post on the best spots in Dallas for kids. But I ve had a lot of requests for a list of my favorite restaurants...

IBB’s Signature Bed Style

IBB Design 6/11 8:46P IBB AT Home
We’ve all seen the beds in magazines and showrooms that look absolutely delightful, yet completely unattainable at home. Some people like tons of decorative pillows, The post IBB’s Signature Bed Style first appeared on IBB Design .

Swing by Puttshack for a Fathers Day Par-Tee!

Richardson BubbleLife iReporter 6/11 8:59A Dana Cobb
Fathers Day is around the corner, and if youre looking for a way to treat your dad to something special, Puttshack is the place to be. Puttshack isnt your typical mini-golf spot. Its a high-tech,...

My Favorite Kids Shoes

Brighton the Day 6/11 9:53A megan hopkins
I get a surprising number of DMs asking about where I buy my kids clothes. Not too long ago, I wrote a full blog post on this topic, but I wanted to dedicate a separate post to our favorite kids shoes currently. First and foremost, I have to say...
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